Why Choose a Mortgage Broker and Not a Bank Around the Corner?

When it comes to buying a home you’re going to want to make sure that you not only find the right property but that the buying process is much simpler than you could have imagined. This is why more prospective home owners are choosing a mortgage broker instead of the bank that they’ve used for years. There are dozens of reasons as to why a Toronto mortgage broker is your best bet, instead of a traditional lending institution.

Personalized Services

When you go into a bank and start discussing mortgages, the bank probably has millions of other clients that are also looking for getting a home. All of the policies and regulations will be set by the bank and are applied to every prospective home owner, regardless of their personal situation. In comparison, a mortgage broker like Noble Mortgages will give you personalized services that are tailored to fit your every need. It’s important to realize that every client is different and they each require different types of assistance. When you work with an individual, they will be able to cater their services to fit your needs.

Finding Accredited Professionals

Many people assume that since mortgage brokers typically work for themselves that it’s an unregulated industry that you can’t rely on, which is completely false. Every professional mortgage broker in Toronto has to be licensed and have accreditation before they can start assisting customers with finding their homes. They have to go through years of training and schooling before they are legally able to start accepting prospective home owners as clients. In comparison to a mortgage broker, you might find that bank employees aren’t required to have specific training before offering mortgages to home owners.

Getting the Right Rates and Products You Need

When working with a bank to get your mortgage you’re only able to browse through the rates and products that specific lending institutions have. A Toronto mortgage broker will be able to look through different rates and different products from various financial institutions. This way you will be able to browse through several different types of home loan products that can suit your needs. Since mortgage brokers don’t work for a specific lender, you can easily get advice about what products are the best for you without being lured in by company bias.

It is important to note that our team at Noble Mortgages has access to over 50 lenders and have helped many home owners buy their dream home. Do not wait, call us today 416-241-2227 so we can make your dream come true.


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