The spring market is upon us, homes are selling fast in Toronto, and we hope it’s a smooth and prosperous experience for you. Below is the last tip in our series and one of the more important renovations you can do to increase the resale value of your home.

 The Unseen

Save yourself the headache of finding out about water damage, electrical and plumbing issues after you have received an offer based on a home inspection. The last thing you want to start negotiating on or have to do, is lowering your asking price. This could occur because your current home needs a new roof or you own an older home with wiring that does not support current electrical loads. Being in Toronto, we have a large number of homes well into their “senior years” and hiring a professional to get the job done right is not only imperative but also helps your real estate agent negotiate the best possible price for you when it goes on the market.

What are Toronto buyers looking for: PROOF- The home is up to code, safe electrical wiring, insulated attics, windows are effective and don’t let heat escape, no water damage has occurred, vermin free (seal up any openings from the outside), repaired corroded pipes, and proper septic system.

Buyers are becoming savvier to the quality of renovations and raising their expectations in the current competitive real estate market.  Give yourself the edge by being ahead of the game and applying which ever tips most benefit your home.  We hope these suggestions help you with a quick turn around on the sale of your home where you come out the winner with top dollar!

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April 24, 2016 by Noble Mortgages

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