Simon Hutchison

From start to finish, Ata and his hardworking team at Noble Mortgages provided exceptional service. They are proactive, helpful, quick to return calls and answer questions, and committed to securing the best deal for their clients. We've found our mortgage brokers for life!

Matt Acchione

Excellent service from beginning to final registration of mortgage. He helped define what I needed and then finding a solution that worked for me.

Lai Yu Leung

Noble mortgages really knows best!
They were able to make sure I had no issues whatsoever, quick and efficient are the keywords I would use. I am recommending them to all of my friends and family!

Fara Soofi

Ata and his team were beyond helpful when it came to finding me a low interest mortgage rate. They made the process easier with their great knowledge and hard work. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a professional mortgage team.

Rizwana Syed

I am very satisfied with Nobel mortgages and their customer service as the same with their employee Mohammad Islam

Mehmet Islam

Everyone was telling me buying a home is a lot of stress and headache.. but I would like to say .. if Ata and his team are doing your mortgage it is going to be easy ..they will take the stress for you

Jason S.

We are very happy working with Nobel mortgages and Ata. Highly recommend him. Our situation wasn't easy. We purchased a new property before selling our current one. The closing date was a big issue and we just had less than a week to close the new property deal. Before talking to Ata, we were convinced that we cannot get bridge loan in such a short time from any bank and we have to work with a private lender and trust company with a very high interest rate and lender fee. Ata could manage to push the boundaries and secure both our main mortgage and bridge loan with a good interest rate with one of the big banks.

Daniel Dalaki

I've worked with Mehwish at Noble Mortgages and I had an excellent experience! Thank you for being wonderful!

Muhammed Ashraf

Noble Mortgages is the number one company in the GTA Ontario. I have been very good experience with this organization during the first time dealing for my Home mortgage. I really appreciate the help and support, especially for Mr. ATA who have a great experience & knowledge in his work and he knew the Bussniss ethnic very well.

Farzad Fathi

I finally got my dream house and without Noble Mortgage it wouldn't be possible! Very easy transaction, professional staff , approved on time for over million dollars without any stress , highly recommended.

Inder Arora

As a realtor, I have worked with different mortgage firms. Working with Mr. Ata Tamjidi always means a smooth transaction. He has an immense amount of knowledge to keep his clients informed about every inch of detail involved in the process of their mortgage needs. I would highly recommend Ata and his whole teams services as they have proven their great attitude each time I have worked with them.

Seyfi Tomar

I and my clients are impressed at how quickly we were contacted by the staff members. The level of service and rate info was excellent, much better than dealing with a bank directly. Great TeamWork. Prombt and professional service. No last minute suprises/disappointments.

Maryam Alvandi

I am pleased with the services provided by Mr. Tamjidi, the Principle Broker at Noble Mortgages. He demonstrated excellent initiative, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to excellence. Mr. Tamjidi took the time to understand my concerns and generated solutions to fulfill my financial needs so I could make sharp decisions with complete peace of mind. He offered me the best mortgage rates and terms. Mr. Tamjidi provided guidance from the time I arrived and ensured support even after my successful mortgage transaction. He possesses excellent interpersonal skills plus a proven ability to communicate effectively with all levels of a multidisciplinary team.

Mary R. Boroun

Noble Mortgages were extremely helpful in sorting out our mortgage very close to the closing date of our new home. They worked very diligently and always had time to answer our questions. I would highly recommend Noble Mortgages to anyone looking for a reliable, professional mortgage broker with their client’s best interest at heart.

Annemarie Gabriele

Outstanding team and service. Highly recommended. Answered all our questions, treated us like family and made the experience easy. So much better than dealing directly with a financial institution.